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By Nickolas Marinelli For English, press one. Para Español, oprima numero dos. Is there anything more frustrating than hearing these words coming from your telephone? After all, this is America. And in America, we speak English. It infuriates me to have a recorded ... Read More

Opportunità per lavorare presso il Consolato Generale in San Francisco

Un messaggo dal Console Generale Mauro Battocchi Avete mai pensato di lavorare con noi al Consolato Generale d’Italia a San Francisco? Per chi lo ha fatto e per chi e’ tentato di farlo, una buona notizia: e’ il momento buono per tentare. Da oggi fino al 25 giugno e’ ... Read More

Author, Italian MP Marazziti to Speak in Bay Area

Nation-states and communities throughout the world have reached certain decisions about capital punishment: It is the destruction of human life. It is ineffective as a deterrent for crime. It is an instrument the state uses to contain or eliminate its political ... Read More


By Nickolas Marinelli Not long ago, I ran into a colleague on Green Street between Powell and Columbus. When Rita saw me she asked, “Hey, what are you doing in Chinatown?” Her question perplexed me. Chinatown? I had just walked out of the Casa Coloniale Italiana ... Read More

New Italian Language Classes to Start at SFIAC

The San Francisco Italian Athletic Club (SFIAC) will begin its next session of Italian language classes beginning on Tuesday, March 24th. The SFIAC will offer three classes, which will be hosted for ten weeks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. On Tuesday ... Read More

Eternal Traveler: Leonardo da Vinci’s Secret Life

The Leonardo da Vinci Society, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, will be presenting a multimedia concert by Andrea Centazzo on Saturday, March 28th at the Century Club of California. The benefit concert will begin at 7:00 PM, and will be followed by ... Read More

La Dolce Vita 2015: A Fundraiser for La Scuola

La Dolce Vita is the annual spring fundraising gala for La Scuola Internazionale di San Francisco (La Scuola). More than a fundraiser, it’s the not-to-be-missed Italian party of the year, with drinks, dinner, dancing, as well as a silent and a live auction. This year ... Read More

Un messaggio ai cittadini italiani di San Francisco

Il Parlamento italiano ha indetto il rinnovo dei Comitati degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero (COM.IT.ES). Il Comitato è l’organismo dei cittadini italiani all’estero, eletto in ogni circoscrizione con l’obiettivo di collaborare con il Consolato nella promozione di ... Read More

SFIAC Banquet Honors Alberto Cipollina, Past Presidents

When Alberto Cipollina, a more than forty-year member of the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club (SFIAC) became president in 2011, it was clear that things were changing. After years of disagreements and rancor about the future direction of the SFIAC, the newly-elected ... Read More

A Different Perspective on those Italian American Documentaries

By: Sebastian Fichera So, what did you think of it? The PBS Documentary on Italian Americans, I mean. I’m the one they interviewed who looked just like Rudolph Valentino. I didn’t look like Rudolph Valentino to you? Who did I look like? On second thought, don’t ... Read More

When the Old Country Becomes the New Country

By Francine Brevetti Why would I want to go to Sicily? My family’s from Northern Italy. Three reasons: My education in college and graduate school exposed me to the histories of ancient Greece, and Rome, their drama and their mythologies. I’m crazy about ... Read More


di Mauro Aprile Zanetti Approfitto dello “spring break” — una pausa pasquale laica per non offendere alcun credo, secondo la religione delle religioni americane, cioè il make up del politically correct, dietro cui si agita il Re dei Re, Sua Maestà il Consumismo — per ... Read More


Far from being an innovative technology, solar power has been a part of a strategy to switch from fossil fuels to green energy for decades. President Jimmy Carter installed a solar energy system on the roof of the White House in 1979 in response to the gas crises caused ... Read More